Groups & Classes

We Have a Place for You

At Calvary Nazarene, we have Sunday School for children, teens, and adults. See below for all Sunday morning opportunities for you and your family to get connected!

SUNDAY CLASSES ARE 9:15am – 10:15am
CHILDREN’S WORSHIP IS 10:30am – 11:30am

Sunday School Classes:

Nursery: (open 9:15am until after service) Teachers: Paige Adams, Janice Petty

Pre-k to Kindergarten: Teacher: Julie Koehn

1st grade – 3rd grade: Teacher: Erin Camp

4th grade – 6th grade: Teacher: Ariel and Francisco Cotto


Children’s Church (during service, beginning at 10:30am):

Praise-n-play: (Room #105) Pre-k and Kindergarten: this is a place where small children can come and learn about God and His people through a hands-on learning experience.

Kids Worship: (Room #210) Grades 1 – 6: let your kids have a worshipful experience of their own where they learn to seek the will of God in their lives in a place made just for them!

Grades 7-12: We would love to have you join us to talk about your week and learn from Scripture about how to navigate some of the world’s toughest questions. Youth group is always in the Tower which is behind the organ, down the hall, and up the stairs.

University Ministries: Just graduated high school? This is the place for you! (Room #208) – Teacher: Nola Chamberlain; this is a group where you can find support and encouragement while up to your eyeballs in homework and tests or trying to make your way in the work force. Oh, and there’s breakfast!

Melting Pot: All adults are welcome! (Room #115) – Teachers: Steve and Paula Sharp; join us for some lively spiritual conversation and deep discovery of the truth in the Word of God. Right now, we are walking through the book of Acts.

Reflections: All adults are welcome! Enduring Word curriculum (Room #114) – Teacher: Theo Ramkissoon; you’re welcome to attend this class centered on studying the Word of God and praying for each other.

Christ’s Disciples: Mid-age adults! (Room #116) – Teacher: Daleesa Wyatt; we offer a place to ask questions and explore the depths of Scripture and theology through engaging Bible studies each week.

Faithseekers: Senior citizens! Enduring Word curriculum – (Room #103) Teachers: Gary Mills, Sharron Clifton, Craig Guy; in this group, you will find support and strength through old fashioned hymn singing and sound Biblical teaching to help hold you steady. There is a chair for you!

Christians in Action: Senior citizens! Enduring Word curriculum – (Room #113) Teacher: Shirlene Braswell; come join the CIA for some good old hymn singing and teaching from the Word of God.